Are you sinking in an ocean of paperwork?

  • Are you feeling stressed and overworked?
  • Not enough time in the day?
  • Neglecting clients and prospective clients for routine paperwork and emails?

The Solution

You need someone to help you float again. You need an expert swimmer! Dolphins are, without a doubt, the most efficient and effective swimmers in the ocean. They never sink!


Dolphins Don’t Sink – Virtual Business Support

  • Give yourself the business support you need to enable you to use your expertise more valuably within your business
  • Free yourself of everyday administration that slows you down and prevents you from growing and developing your business.
  • Save yourself time and money – only pay for a Virtual Assistant when you need one.

Using a Virtual Assistant: what’s in it for you?

Check out the services Dolphins Don’t Sink can offer you.

Contact Dolphins Don’t Sink today and start working with your VA so she can give you the business support you need to free up your time!

Sarah Houldcroft specialises in working with authors to promote their books online.  She also gives business support to coaches and other busy professionals. They all benefit by using the extra time she gives them to do what they do best and enjoy the most.  If you would like to free up your time too then find her at www.VAforAuthors.com or www.DolphinsDontSink.co.uk

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