Feb 01

How to remove permanent marker pen from a whiteboard

I think we have all used a permanent marker pen on a whiteboard by mistake at some point during a presentation.  I know I have, but here is a way to remove permanent marker pen from a whiteboard without using chemicals or expensive solutions or needing to buy a new whiteboard!  I hope you find …

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Aug 16

How Online Entrepreneurs are using Digital Publishing to Grow their Businesses


  2011 saw a massive increase in the amount of ebooks being sold as a result of entrepreneurs leveraging digital publishing to promote and grow their businesses. Denise Wakeman and Ellen Britt of The Future of Ink recently completed a survey of over 1000 online entrepreneurs, including coaches, small businesses and consultants, who were asked …

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Aug 14

Are you using Pinterest yet? A video guide to Pinterest


MDG Advertising created this video called A Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest. The video shows the increase in traffic on Pinterest in the last year, demographics that businesses can use, percentages of traffic referrals, which large companies are using Pinterest, how the site is used and there are some additional tips for using Pinterest as well.  The …

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Aug 02

The Biggest Mistake Small Business Owners Make


I thought you would like this article by Vince Favilla as it is something  we have probably all experienced.  It also includes a wonderfully powerful example of reciprocity.    This title may sound like hyperbole, but I do think the mistake I’m about to describe is the single worst thing you can do when promoting …

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Jun 12

Can you afford to ignore Social Media?

Watch this short video and be amazed at the figures!

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